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Selling On Your Terms



You choose the final terms for how you would like to sell your property and the closing date on which you would like to receive your cash.



Now that you’ve picked your terms and closing date, all you need to do now is relax. The Title and Escrow company will need to verify any liens that may be filed against the property that need to be paid off.



It’s time to receive your cash! Sign the final closing documents and choose how you would like to receive your cash. That’s it! We’ve hope you enjoyed a dramatically better property selling experience.

The Closing Process

Once you have chosen the final terms of the contract and the closing date for which you want to receive your cash, its time for you to sit back and relax.

The next step is, we will send a copy of the contract over to the title and escrow company. They will pull a title report on the property to see what, if any, liens are attached to the property that may need to be paid off.  Their main role is to be an independent third party and ensure that they can convey clear title to us on your behalf as well as handle the exchange of money from us to you.

A few days prior to closing day, they will coordinate with you to have you sign the final closing papers. You will also instruct them on how you would like to receive your cash. Once these closing papers are signed, they will record the transaction with the county recorders office and this will make the sale official.

Congratulations! We’ve hope you’ve enjoyed a dramatically better property selling experience and will refer us to any friends, family, or colleagues that you may know that are considering selling.

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